Clutch disks and clutch pressures produced in our laboratory located within the scope of REPA Clutch are tested 100%. Among our test equipment found in laboratory hardness measuring device, life test device and parallelism test device are available.

All tests specified in TSE 7404 Clutch disks and TSE 7405 Clutch pressure standards are completely carried out. In addition, all tests regarding Clutch disk comply with international standards such as SAE J 618, SAE İ 619. For the tests carried out regarding Clutch disk, we benefit from TS 7405 and international BS 3092, 3550, SAE J 618, 619 standards. REPA Clutch makes tiny distinctions in choosing raw material and records all test reports of purchased products. Required tests and controls are carried out by considering international norms of the used springs (TS2500-1,2,3 TS138EN10002-1 DIN EN 10270-1,2,3).

Some of the test carried out in our laboratory;
Clutch pressure life test
Clutch disk shimmy test
Clutch disk parallelism test
Diaphram hardness test

As Repa Clutch, our company meets the requirements of TS/ISO 16949 standards which are valid internationally and records all potential nonconformities.